LC Summary of RDA Updates for April 2015 Toolkit Update

Library of Congress has published a table that highlights some changes to RDA for the April 2015 RDA Toolkit update: 

Relationship designators in bibliographic records–PCC training manual

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Standing Committee on Training (SCT) published a training manual for applying relationship designators in bibliographic records in January 2015. See New relationship designators may be proposed using the PCC relationship designator proposal form. See Please use MOUG-L to discuss ideas for new or revised relationship designators, or contact […]

April 2015 RDA Toolkit update and MLA Best Practices

The April 14, 2015 update of the RDA Toolkit brought revisions to several RDA instructions that affect music cataloging. The revisions resulting from the work of ALA and the JSC Music Working Group are listed below. Stay tuned for possible revisions to MLA’s Best Practices (in the August 2015 Toolkit update) as a result of […]