Best Practices for Using LCMPT Version 1.4 and LCGFT Version 1.2 now available

The Vocabularies Subcommittee (Cataloging and Metadata Committee, Music Library Association) is pleased to announce the release of Best Practices for Using LCMPT v.1.4 (July 8, 2019) and Best Practices for Using LCGFT for Music Resources v.1.2 (July 8, 2019). Current MLA best practices as well as superseded versions for historical interest may be found at If you have the BPs bookmarked, please make sure your link takes you to the current version. LCMPT v.1.4 In addition to organizational and style changes, including a table of contents, version 1.4 of the BPs for LCMPT is significantly expanded. Added sections and examples include: MARC coding: alternative instruments, hymns and similar vocal works, vocal range abbreviations, use of $3 Partial medium of performance statements: use case for choice to omit field 382 Band and wind ensemble: new section Number of hands: added examples Entirely unspecified medium: new section Visuals and Mixed media:

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OCLC Music Toolkit installer updates, January 2019

Current and future users of the OCLC Music Toolkit are encouraged to download the updated installer from Changes include: Accompanying document by Gary Strawn, “Deriving bibliographic fields for music.docx” updated (January 5, 2019) (in “Docs” folder) 650/655 mapping changes/additions: 650 Pastoral music (Secular) –> Pastoral music 650 Villancicos (Music) –> Villancicos (Music) 650 $v Fake books –> 655 Fakebooks (Music) 655 Chamber music not generated for solo music with medium in parenthesis 650 Concertos (instrumental ensemble) generates medium of “instrumental ensemble” only 650 Songs without words (Instrumental music) generates “instrument” (fix from “singer”) 650 $v “Parts (solo)” does not generate medium from terms in $a after “with” 650 [Instrument] $v Methods; [Instrument] $v Studies and exercises; 650 [Instrument] $v Orchestral excerpts generate medium for instrument, including in cases where stylistic qualifiers or subsequent subdivisions are present. Cross references added for forms where the term in instrument SH and medium

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