CMC Town Hall Summary: MLA Conference 2020

Cataloging and Metadata Committee Town Hall MLA Annual Meeting 2019, Norfolk, Virginia, February 28th, 2020. Summary written by Jennifer Olson, University of Hartford. Session presenters: Tracey Snyder (Cornell University), Karen Peters (Library of Congress), Rebecca Belford (Oberlin College), Mary Huismann (St. Olaf College), Linda Blair (Eastman), Damian Iseminger (Library of Congress), Kathy Glennan (University of Maryland), Kevin Kishimoto (Stanford) (presenting on behalf of Nancy Lorimer (Stanford)), Hermine Vermeij (UCLA). Outgoing chair Tracey Snyder began the Cataloging and Metadata Committee (CMC) Town Hall session by highlighting CMC’s jointly sponsored sessions at MLA this year, including The People, the Music, and the Context: New Frameworks for Discovering Relationships in Cultural Heritage Collections and Toward Mutual Enlightmenment: An Information-Sharing Forum for Cataloger and Reference/Instruction Librarians, as well as the Town Hall session. Snyder also announced the following incoming committee chairs and funnel coordinators: Keith Knop, Chair of the Content Standards Subcommittee (CSS); Beth

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CMC Town Hall Summary: MLA Conference 2015

MLA Annual Meeting 2015, Denver, Colorado Summary written by Patty Falk, Bowling Green State University Presenters: Beth Iseminger, BCC Chair; Kimmy Szeto, BCC BIBFRAME Task Force Chair; Ray Schmidt, BCC Authorities Subcommittee Chair; Tracey Snyder, BCC Descriptive Subcommittee Chair; Sandy Rodriguez, BCC MARC Formats Subcommittee Chair; Casey Mullin, BCC Subject Access Subcommittee Chair; Damian Iseminger, JSC Music Working Group Chair The BCC Town Hall session was held on Friday, February 27th at the annual MLA conference in Denver. The full session can be viewed here: Beth Iseminger announced that there will be new ALA webinars this year on the topics: Music Cataloging Basics, Cataloging Music Audio Visual Materials Using RDA, and Introduction to Music Medium of Performance and Genre Vocabularies. The schedule for the webinars is not yet finalized. When webinar dates are set, they will be posted on MLA-L and on the MLA website. Iseminger also announced that

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